Monday, February 28, 2011

Where do tablets fit in your life?

7 and 10 inch tablets are all the news these days, but a lot of people are still wandering how they fit into their life. you already have a smartphone and a laptop. Well, let's take an example of an IT consultant(i.e. me!)  to explain how they can fit into your life. I am a blogger, IT consultant, stock trader and  an avid reader.

How I use a 7" tablet:   I have been using Samsung galaxy tab for about 2 weeks, its a perfect balance between screen size and mobility. I think 3-4.3" is too small, 7" is probably the biggest size you can carry in your pocket. From my personal experience, its an 80/80 device. what do I mean? it will fit into your pocket 80% of the time and if you remote into your pc, you can comfortably see about 80% of the screen of your laptop. plus for browsing or reading a kindle book, its perfect size. I use this as my primary device and my Iphone as a backup in case I am going somewhere in shorts and this tablet wont fit in.

How I would use a 10" tablet:  Currently I dont have a 10" tablet so this is just a hypothetical example. I would really use this size as a second screen when I am travelling. I do have to read a lot of books etc and take notes. so this one would become a book reader while i take notes on my laptop. Plus most of the time, I can probably get away with this tablet and a keyboard. If I need to work on my laptop, I can just use remote login softwares like Logmein or teamviewer.

I hope this was helpful.


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